A message from the Board

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the school year 2019 / 2020. Thank you for choosing to send your sons and daughters to East-West. The school values your family and your commitment to us as we work together to provide an excellent education and caring environment for your child. 

This year we welcome two new principals. Mr. Stan Lyon is the Secondary Principal and Mr. Charles Howgill is the Elementary Principal. Both men bring educational leadership and insight into how best to prepare your children for the lives that they are living.

Mr. Stan Lyons is from the USA and has had 34 years of experience in education. For the last four years he was Director of a high school in the USA. He has also had leadership and teaching experience in international schools. His educational experience includes being an elementary principal, a high school principal, a Pre-K-12 principal, an athletic director, an elementary teacher, a secondary teacher, a coach, with professional experience in all areas of school management. He writes:

Our role is to guide and to show our youth that the learning diet is one that we can never stop.  We add skills and knowledge and understanding, and we do so in a caring and collaborative setting.  We share culture and kindness, and we never waiver from our curiosity and mutual respect. I believe strongly in relationship building and effective communication.  This includes community partnership, parent gatherings, and effective outreach programs designed to include all of our stakeholders and especially the parents. 

Mr. Charles Howgill is from England and has 22 years of leading and teaching internationally. For the past 4 years he has been Director of Studies and Academic and Professional Development in Zhongshan, China. He has also worked in Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He writes:

I am a kind and compassionate person who values the importance of providing strategic leadership which places the students and community at the heart of the educational process. I firmly believe that every student provided with a positive learning atmosphere can learn. Education should be both exciting and enjoyable, while providing a platform for exploration and enhancement of student confidence. When students enjoy coming to school they learn, and that to me is what a school should be about.

Mr. Jeffrey Kane returns as Director of East-West. He commenced his studies towards a Master’s degree in Education in Independent School Leadership in June this year. He will complete these studies in July 2020.

East-West commences the new school year with an impressive team of leaders, teachers and support staff who genuinely care about your family and will do the best to provide the best of school learning and development that it can.

We do thank you for your participation with us and as a family we move forward together.

Sandra Chipps

Chair of the Board of East-West

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