High School Profile

Contact Information

Address: East-West International School, No. 131, Street 143, Boeung Keng Kang 3, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.

Website: https://ewiscambodia.edu.kh/

Head of School: Jeffrey Kane, jeffrey.kane@ewiscambodia.edu.kh

Secondary Principal: Timothy LaRocco, tim.larocco@ewiscambodia.edu.kh

Elementary Principal: Andrew Duggan, andrew.duggan@ewiscambodia.edu.kh

Khmer General Education Principal: Nikmul Ny, nikmul.ny@ewiscambodia.edu.kh

Middle School Principal/Guidance Counselor: Landon Seigler, landon.seigler@ewiscambodia.edu.kh

The School Community

East-West International School was founded in September 2006. Its vision was to provide an affordable, international education for primarily, but not exclusively, Cambodian children.

Mission Statement

East-West International School is a community of students, educators, staff, and parents striving to achieve excellence in a caring environment.

It is the mission of East-West to develop responsible global citizens who are creative problem solvers, lifelong learners, effective communicators, and active community members.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of East-West to provide every student the opportunity to learn, to be challenged, to be creative, to think critically, to know acceptance, and thus to provide a strong foundation for further study and/or work in an ever-changing world. East-West is dedicated to academic excellence. By making learning relevant and appropriate, East-West hopes to instill in each child a lifelong love of learning and the ability to solve problems creatively. East-West also wishes that each student learns about and appreciates Cambodian culture and language, as well as other cultures of the world, thus giving them a global perspective so that each becomes a responsible world citizen and a contributing member of society. Respect for cultural differences, language, and the background of all who are the East-West community is an everyday expectation which engages students in the realities of this global perspective. East-West strives to become a leading educational institution, both locally and internationally.


East-West International School has an enrollment of 500 students from Nursery to Grade 12. The school opened in September 2006 and graduated its first senior class in June 2014. East-West International School is an independent, nonsectarian, coeducational, day school founded in 2006. East-West provides a blended international curriculum from nursery to Grade 12 for students of a variety of nationalities. The school is governed by a School Board with input from the school Leadership Team, the Student Council, staff, and the school community, including parents. The 9school operates under the umbrella of its parent company, the Newton Thilay Community Group (NTC Group).

Accreditation and Authorization

East-West is fully accredited by the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). East-West is also a member of the East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS).


There are 51 international faculty members at East-West International School. These include educators from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, the Philippines, the Netherlands, Italy, India and Malaysia, among other countries. All staff are either qualified teachers, or working towards their qualifications.


East-West International School’s academic year runs from the beginning of August through the first week of June. This academic year began on Wednesday August 5, 2020 and concludes on Friday June 4, 2021. There are at least 180 days of school each year. The school observes all Cambodian public holidays and has a two-week break at the end of December. 


The curriculum standards are adopted from internationally recognized curricula. Students also have the option of studying the Khmer National Curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Nursery, Preschool, PreKindergarten, KindergartenInternational Early Years Curriculum
Grades 1-5International Primary Curriculum, Cambridge International Standards for English and Mathematics
Grade 6-8International Middle Years Curriculum, Cambridge International Standards for English and Mathematics
Grades 9-12Cambridge International Assessment Education
Language Proficiency: Courses at East-West are either taught in English, Khmer, or in the foreign language that is being taught in the classroom (Spanish). Since English is the main language of instruction, students must demonstrate proficiency in English to graduate. 


Students who have graduated from East-West International School have been accepted to the following universities, among others:

Ecole Hôtelière de LausanneRoyal University of Phnom Penh, CambodiaMonash University, Australia
Kyunghee University, South KoreaAustralian Catholic University, AustraliaUniversity of Melbourne, Australia
Griffith University, AustraliaNorthern Illinois University, USAUniversity of Victoria, Canada
Pasadena City College, USAAmerican University of Phnom PenhRitsumeikan University, Japan

Graduation Requirements

In order to receive a diploma from East-West International School, students must have successfully completed the criteria listed below. These requirements are weighed against the demonstration of knowledge in four core areas of our general high school curriculum: English Language, Mathematics, Science, & Social Studies.

Academic Pathways

East-West International School offers three possible degree pathways: 

  • An East-West International School Diploma, earned upon successful completion of the requirements below 
  • A Grade 12 Diploma from the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, earned upon passing the Grade 12 Khmer National Examination 
  • A Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education, or AICE diploma, awarded by Cambridge Assessment International Education

The academic pathways are determined by students themselves, reviewed by and in consultation with teachers and counselors. Students are encouraged to align their high school paths with their post-high school career and/or university plans. 

Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education Diploma

The AICE Diploma requires passes in at least seven credits. Each Cambridge International AS Level counts as one full credit. A Cambridge International A Level counts as a double credit qualification. For example, students could offer three International A Levels, or two International A Levels with two International AS Levels. There are many more valid combinations of examinations, but at least one International AS/A Level pass must come from each of the three curriculum areas.

AS Level Global Perspectives and Research and AS English Language are required courses for the AICE Diploma. 

Grade 12 Khmer National Examination Diploma 

East-West offers students the opportunity to study the Cambodian National Curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. This runs parallel to our English Curriculum. Students who express interest in the Khmer curriculum may opt to take this curriculum in addition to the English curriculum. Students studying the Khmer National Curriculum sit examinations with a focus in either the Science or Social Sciences strain, offered by the MOEYS. Upon successful completion of the exams, students are awarded a diploma by the MOEYS.

East-West International School Diploma

Grading Scale

Course grades are based on internal school standards created by departments at East-West International School. They incorporate classroom performance on exams and quizzes, participation and enthusiasm for class, as well as completed work and projects. In order to successfully pass a course at East-West, a student must earn a letter grade no lower than an E-Minus on the 4.0 grading scale; this is the threshold representing the lowest possible grade that still reflects acceptable knowledge acquisition.

Course Weight

Courses that meet on a daily basis are worth 1.0 credit per semester. Courses that meet on a less-regular basis are worth 0.5 credits per semester. A2 courses are worth 2.0 credits.

To qualify for graduation, students who study English-language courses only must obtain no fewer than 64 credits. Students who study both Khmer and English-language courses must obtain 48 credits in their English-language classes while also passing their annual Khmer National Curriculum examinations, which are worth 3.0 credits per semester. 

Course Credits Breakdown for High School 

Below is a breakdown of the four subject areas offered with their specific classes and total weight. They are listed in descending order by grade. 

GradeEnglish8 credits minimum Mathematics6 credits minimumScience6 credits minimumSocial Studies6 credits minimum
9One of the following:
IGCSE English First Language
IGCSE English Second Language
One of the following:
IGCSE Mathematics Core
IGCSE Mathematics Extension
IGCSE Coordinated ScienceOne of the following:
IGCSE History
IGCSE Geography
IGCSE Business Studies
For non-KGE students: 
IGCSE Global Perspectives
10One of the following:
IGCSE English First Language
IGCSE English Second Language
One of the following:
IGCSE Mathematics Core
IGCSE Mathematics Extension
IGCSE Coordinated ScienceOne of the following:
IGCSE History
IGCSE Geography
IGCSE Business Studies
For non-KGE students:
IGCSE Global Perspectives
11One of the following:
AS English Language
AS English Literature
AS English Language (Prep Course)
AS Media Studies
Business English
AS Mathematics (Pure Maths 1 and Stats 1)
AS Mathematics (Prep Course)
AS Chemistry
AS Biology
AS Biology (Prep Course)
AS Physics
AS Physics (Prep Course)
Life Science
Food Chemistry
AS Global Perspectives
AS History
History Through Film
AS Geography
Spanish Language
AS Business Studies
12One of the following:
A2 English Language
A2 English Literature
AS English

AS English (Prep Course)
AS Media Studies
Business English
A2 Mathematics (Pure Maths 3 and Stats)
AS Mathematics (Prep Course)
Further Maths
A2 Physics

A2 Chemistry
A2 Biology
AS Biology 
Life Science
Food Chemistry
A2 Global Perspectives
A2 History
A2 Geography
Spanish Language
Business Studies
History Through Film
AS Art & Design
BOLD indicates mandatory coursesITALICS indicates courses that can be taken over the course of two years; our course catalog describes these as half-paced courses.
Electives are chosen by each student based on preference.Athletics:

Physical EducationArts: Art, MusicSocial Sciences: Foreign Languages, History Through Film, PsychologyInformation and Communications Technology: IGCSE ICT, AS ICT, A2 ICT, Digital Media, AS Media StudiesOther: Service Learning, Spanish Language, School Media,
Business English

*Students must earn a minimum of 2 PE credits and 4 Arts credits

Students who study both English and Khmer-language courses must complete 16 additional credits of English-language courses and electives to be eligible for an East-West diploma. Students who study only English-language classes must complete an additional 32 credits from courses listed above.

Khmer Curriculum Substitution 

Our Khmer program is offered to students who wish to pursue it. It is not compulsory for any student at EWIS to complete the Khmer program.  Should students opt not to take part, substitution for these classes during the scheduled times are offered. Students may substitute these time-frames in their schedules with a greater focus in particular academic areas, such as Science or English Language. These changes are to be documented in the Student Graduation Plan. 

Successful Seniors

Students that complete all the graduation requirements listed in this document are eligible for graduation.  

All seniors who have successfully completed the requirements will receive an East-West International School Diploma.  

All seniors who have successfully passed the Grade 12 Cambodian National Examination put forth by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport will receive a Diploma from the MOEYS. 

All graduating seniors who have taken and obtained no less than seven Cambridge credits are eligible for the AICE Diploma.  

Unsuccessful Seniors

Students who do not pass all of the requirements and/or do not obtain enough credits are not eligible for graduation. 

A certification from East-West International School proving attendance is given, but no East-West International School Diploma can be awarded.  

College Acceptances for the Class of 2021

  • Rangsit University

College Acceptances for the Class of 2020

  • Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis;
  • American University of Phnom Penh;
  • IACT College;
  • University of Luxembourg
  • Rangsit University

College Acceptances for the Class of 2019

  • Australia Catholic University;
  • Kyunghee University;
  • San Jacinto Community College;
  • Trinity College, University of Melbourne;
  • The institute of Technology of Cambodia;
  • Monash University;
  • American University of Phnom Penh;
  • Academia International and Austrian Catholic University;
  • Griffith Univerisity;
  • Hanyang University;
  • Yong In University;
  • BYU-idaho

College Acceptances for the Class of 2018

  • Victoria University;
  • Northern Illinois University;
  • Sunway University;
  • Sangmyung University;
  • Singapore Kaplan;
  • University of Maryland College Park;
  • Swineburne University of Technology;
  • Royal University of Phnom Penh;
  • University of Melbourne

College Acceptances for the Class of 2017

  • Royal University of Phnom Penh;
  • Pannasastra University of Cambodia;
  • Monash University of Melbourne;
  • University of Technology, Sydney;
  • Limkokwing University;
  • Hanyang University

College Acceptances for the Class of 2016

  • University of Victoria;
  • London College of Music;
  • Shepard University-Cornel School of Contemporary Music, Los Angeles;
  • Fitness Edutraning Asia;
  • Raffles International College;
  • Griffith University;
  • Canberra Institute of Technology

College Acceptances for the Class of 2015

  • Dongguk University;
  • Cornell College