Class schedule: 7:30am — 2:30pm (Kindergarten to Grade 5)

Bilingual (English and Khmer)*

*Each class has a foreign teacher who is a fluent English speaker and a Khmer teacher. Translation is rarely used but both languages are used in the main classroom

Khmer Language Arts

  • Cambodian National Curriciulum
  • 5 hours per week
  • Maximum of 12 students per class

English Language Arts​

  • English: “Zoophonics,” “Reading A-Z” and “Writing A-Z” from the USA, combined with teacher-led book studies
  • International Primary Curriculum (IPC) using a thematic approach to learning Art, Geography, History, ICT & Computing, Music, Physical Education, Science and Technology
  • Cambodian National Curriculum for Khmer subjects / Khmer as a Foreign Language lessons for non-Khmer students
  • Physical Education, including swimming lessons; Art, Music, and Library
  • Novel studies
  • Listening & speaking skills
  • Minimum of 5 hours per week
  • Maximum of 12 students per class


  • Taught Bilingually
  • Integration of Khmer National Curriculum with Australian “Stepping Stones” program.
  • Mathematics: “White Rose” program, integrated with Khmer National Curriculum Mathematics (taught bilingually)

Other subjects


School Hours

Elementary and Early Years (7:30 am – 2:30 pm)
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Morning RoutinesMathematics (Numeracy)RecessEnglish/Khmer

Language Arts


(Science, Social Studies)

Plenary (Reflection)