This is our most unique course for students as we provide the foundation of violin playing along with its fundamental techniques which have allowed all of our young creative minds to collaborate together and execute outstanding ensemble playing. This program focuses on working with beginners towards playing challenging repertoires over time and with this classical instrument, music theory is taught to advance their musical understanding of the pieces played. 


The principal of vocal class is teaching the students to sing from within with mastered techniques, this includes breath control, variation in dynamics, intonation, vibrato, projection, and clarity of diction. All students will choose or be assigned to songs where they can majority work on their weak points and are required to perform in front of small audiences to pass.  In vocals, the main goal and joy is to witness the students’ growth of confidence and passion throughout the year. 


Harmonic and melodic guitar is both learned in this area, including all varied types of strummed-string instruments (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, ukulele). Skills are tested through playing in bands and concerts. While also improving on their solo playing with scales, complex chord progression, and finger-style plucking. 


Drums are the heartbeat of the band and therefore it is crucial for our students to learn drum notation and practice repetition of the composite rhythms. We pay particularly close attention to wrist flexibility and hand-and-foot coordination when playing the drum set through fundamental rudiments. At the same time, students’ creativity is encouraged with spontaneous classes of improvisation and composition of their own rhythm for their choice of song. 


  • End-of-the-year school concerts
  • Stem festivals performances
  • Music exchange program with iCAN School
  • Khmer New Year Performances
  • Performing in school dances and proms
  • Music Theory Exam from London College of Music 
  • Band Clubs

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