East-West International School is committed to child protection and aims to achieve the highest level of protection for children. The School aims to put in place a policy and procedures which will significantly strengthen child protection within all of its practices, activities and programs, both on and off campus.

East-West has a zero-tolerance approach to child abuse.

We are commited to making every effort to ensure all staff representatives are recruited carefully and receive support and training to be able to prevent and respond to suspicions and situations of child abuse.

All staff representatives whether paid or unpaid, full time or part-time, temporary or long-term, having direct or indirect contact with children should undergo a thorough and standardized recruitment process and agree to the Child Protection Policy.

We will meet our commitment to protect children from abuse through the following means:

  • Awareness: we will ensure that all students, staff representatives and parents are aware of child abuse and the risks to children
  • Prevention: we will ensure, through awareness, guidelines and good practice, that staff representatives and parents minimize the risks to children, and that child protection policies and education also address abuse and bullying from children to other children.
  • Reporting: we will ensure that staff representatives are clear of the steps to take when concerns arise regarding the safety of children.
  • Responding: we will ensure that action is taken to support and protect children where concerns arise regarding possible abuse. This process will be fair and transparent.
  • Participation: we will ensure that children are actively involved in creating a safe environment and we take seriously their views, wishes and concerns in all matters regarding their safety and protection.
  • Proactive Engagement:  we will diligently check the backgrounds of all staff, seeking references and as much as is possible history of the applicant, to ensure that new staff, as we are able to ascertain, have no history of any abuse or neglect according to the above definitions.

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