Vice-Head Of School

Tim is currently the Head of the Secondary School and High School Principal at East-West, positions he has held for four years and which he will maintain for this upcoming school year as well.

Over the last decade, Tim developed from scratch with the students, the school’s Model UN program, organized field trips for his classes throughout Southeast Asia, and created the school’s House Games competition. On the administration side, he is responsible for the creation of the timetable in the secondary school, the writing of the school’s yearly WASC report, the maintenance of the school’s Teacher Ease database, and overseeing student discipline.

Quote from Tim:

Tim is originally from New York, USA, but has lived in Cambodia and has been at East-West for 10 years. He is an experienced and qualified educator and has taught a variety of subjects mainly in the High School. Tim has a Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Texas and a Masters of International Relations from the City College of New York. He earned a Certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard University, and his Postgraduate Certificate in Education is from Leeds Beckett University. His Bachelor’s degree in history is from St. Joseph’s University.

 “I am a servant leader. If a school is organized as a hierarchy, I consider myself in my role on the very bottom, working to support teachers to do their jobs, to support our students achieve academic success, and to move the school forward towards its vision. Secondary teachers have known over the last four years that my door is literally always open, and my hope is that all staff members will feel comfortable coming to me for any type of issue. I want to foster a culture of responsible freedom and focus, which nurtures us as professionals, learners, and human beings. We do not make haphazard decisions out of personal benefit or self-interests. Everything we do, we do for our kids.”

We look forward to the year ahead. “Leaders are present to serve and will be available to help and support teachers and students”. Together we will “ensure East-West’s ongoing progress of living the school’s vision and goals.”