Secondary English and Social Studies, MS Coordinator

Hey everyone, my name is Padric Matter. I am from the best state in the United States, Oregon. Both my parents are international educators, and I grew up overseas attending international schools in Guam, Mexico, and Poland. I graduated from the American School of Warsaw with a full IB Diploma. I have a Bachelor of Arts from Portland State University in History. When I graduated, I decided to follow in my parents’ footsteps and become an international educator. It was a great way to grow up and my parents lived really good lives!

I started my career in the Portland Public School System providing after school Geography lessons and coaching soccer for underprivileged youth. I then started applying at international schools seeing if any of them would be interested and the second school I applied to offered me a position in Kyrgyzstan. I spent two years in the incredible country of Kyrgyzstan surrounded by mountains, glacial lakes, and friendly people. I then moved to Monterrey, Mexico to teach at an IB school. After that, I went to Khartoum, Sudan to fulfill a lifelong desire to live in an African country. Unfortunately, due to a revolution in Sudan I was forced to leave only after a year but fortunately, my previous school in Kyrgyzstan reached out to me and offered me the role of Middle School Coordinator. The pandemic cut my time short in Kyrgyzstan and I took a year off to travel the United States and work in a small business with their media and marketing strategies. East-West offered me the opportunity to return to education and I could not be happier. Looking forward to teaching, coaching, and having an amazing school year!